I have been involved in art work, crafts, and music since I was growing up in rural Fairmont, Minnesota.  My mother and grandmother were a great influence to me in with my Mom sewing and my grandmother with her weaving and tailoring.
My dad and grandfather were always encouraging and had good ideas whenever I was working on a projet.  My music lessons began when I was 5yrs. on piano.  Later I was in Orchstra when the one room country school was incorporated into the Fairmont school district.  So the experience in art and music has been most of my life.  The gourd work is more from the last 10-15 yrs during my 21yrs of public school teaching.
The music violin Orchestra work has been from MN, IA, and TX.
I played with several Symphony Orcehstras including Mankato, MN,  Waterloo Cedar Falls, IA, and VAlley Symphony of RioGrande Valley in S. TX  I taught in public school Orcehstra in MN, IA and TX.  Therefore I stiill offer music lessons privately as I am retired from the public school and Symphonies.
I offer custom gourd pieces using your special items such as antlers.  If you see a piece of mine that is close to what you want but you want one a little different, I can make a special piece for you.
Ziemann Studio:  Crystal Ziemann
Ziemann Studio is the business name for my varied art work and music.  In past years Music, performing and teaching, was my main focus.  Now that I am retired from being Orchestra Director in public school, my focus has changed to gourd fine art and a lesser focus on the music with private teaching.
My home studio is at my home is where I show my finished artwork and where I give my private music lessons, mostly violin.
I also show my work at various nature and art shows. 
   Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival in Harlingen, TX in November.
       Wings over the Hills in Fredericksburg, TX in April.
Various Art Shows in the RioGrande VAlley.